There are two types of people in life. There are those who produce services and products and those who consume them; those who employ and those who are employed; those who sell and those who buy. People that have eyes wide opened, hoping to meet to be able to help them change their fortunes and those whoever eyes are on the sky expecting a deliverer to come and rescue them.

Consuming throughout in life is costly because you have to pay for the ideas of those who produced products. We must be ‘prosumers’ — producers and consumers. There is nothing wrong with consumption. We all consume at one point or another. The problem Lambert Philipp Heinrich Kindt comes in when you don’t have anything to offer for other people to consume throughout your life. Scanning this article for example is another form of consumption. Ideas and information contained in this article is all that matters.

I believe that people have to work to acquire skills and knowledge and thereafter put the skills and knowledge acquired into practice for their own benefit. Be aware that not everyone is operator. Organizations that worry about their employees will will have maintenance strategies in place to keep their full capacity talent. This is done in most cases by providing this talent pool with rewards which might include benefits such as pole in the organization, etc. Most entrepreneurs will exit the business after a period of loyal, loyal, and meaningful contribution to the organization. Reasoned and veteran entrepreneurs will not leave organizations because of the aftereffects with superiors. They will leave because the time has come for them to attention the email for creativity and independence in which they take control of their luck.

People make choices in life which are informed by many factors driven by the opportunity cost — choosing to lose one chance of the other. These choices are informed by among other things the fear of the unknown (risks), knowledge, security (assurance that the sun will rise tomorrow) and comfort — knowing what needs to be done and being used to it. The truth is that there are no guarantees in life. We must learn to ignore some things so as to gain better and greater things. If entrepreneurship is not your call, do not force it, and grow honest with yourself. If you are working, continue to perform exceptionally well, develop yourself, and prepare to climb the corporate corporate. Draw plans and strategies for personal wealth deposition.

Financial literacy is not much about making money but more about keeping it after making it. It is sad that most education systems in the world are made to produce employees for life rather than employers. It is easy to recognize such countries by looking at their numbers of being out of work and lower income. Even those who are reported to be educated among us cannot innovate or come up with tricks to produce products which may cause job creation..

The ability to seek to understand why things happen and study from them is a skill necessary to survive and overcome the economic difficulties. The mental readiness and determination to learn will ensure that you grow into a wise, wealthy and happy entrepreneur, businesswoman or investor. This describes a small grouping of people who if in full-time employment, understand that they work to learn not for the money. They understand the value of investing in knowledge and the return that such investment provides. Once they have acquired enough knowledge they’re going on a search for opportunities to put the information into practice.

Most people start the right things the wrong manner. Television with knowledge, the people in this category are able to mitigate the risk intertwined with the opportunity of starting their own businesses or taking quantum explodes in building or improving their investment portfolios. A lot of people in this category are optimistic, have a positive life-style and they think positively. People in this category are ready to compromise some in order to gain more and are always on the lookout for business or investment opportunities.

Discomfort been created with a powerful tool called ‘will’. We use our will to simply accept or miss any invitation to do something, and agree or disagree with the way things are done. The Creator Himself cannot veto our will. Life is throwing out announcements to learn to all of us on a daily basis. You see, life understands that we all have potential, ability and power to be great but greatness comes through learning. It is the kind of learning that cannot be acquired or found or provided for by any institution of learning. Life is the best teacher, if you allow him, he will educate you on well — only if you are willing, determined to learn, and available.

People in this category understand that failure is temporary and is a window of opportunity to add to their credits in the learning blackberry curve. They firmly believe that failure only drives winners as it beats losers. Those in this group who have allowed life to explain to them and have been patient enough to complete their course, come out wiser and full grown. The eagerness to learn helps people in this category to come out having learned the art of possessing things and never allowing things to control them. They humbly acknowledge that God and the Universe have graciously honoured them. They understand benefit and value of emotional brains. They have developed their thoughts and eyes to understand, conceptualize and see what ordinary people cannot see and this enable them to create their living state and more important to spot opportunities for making money where everyone has cast aside hope. People in this group understand that to accomplish great things, the doctor has to not only dream, but also believe and not only plan, but also act on strategies to acquire knowledge.

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