Divorce is a process when you have to be alert on every step that you further take, it is time consuming but should be followed with strict rules, there are many things that you need to do when you are in a divorce process and post divorce as well. Having a  by your side or divorce mediation can really help you get through the legal proceeding.

Things you should avoid during divorce:

Forcing kids to choose sides: when you are in a process of getting separated you should always avoid speaking in detail about your divorce t your kids don’t force them to choose sides. Don’t use them to collect information about your spouse. This can create a negative view about you in front of your kids and they will never respect your decisions further.

Playing with the other persons feelings: just doing an emotional blackmailing thing with your spouse, trying to starve and do things that is not appropriate when you having a delicate divorce process. Avoid doing silly things that can further create problem and which can be use as a tool against you in court.

Hiding property: if any one of the spouse has a property in the name of any of his/her family member which is purchased after marriage or before marriage and later during the divorce process the name  transferred to their own then this can create a very bad impression in the courts eyes and can damage the settlement.

Spending a lot of money: During the divorce process when one of the spouse uses the other person credit card and spend a lot of money this can definitely impact you in return, when the legal proceedings takes place. After the divorce all the money that you have looted from your spouse should be paid back as compensation. So stop spending more and start thinking what to do next.

False Accusations: this is a very stupid trick which usually the 이혼재산분할 women labels on the other spouse for domestic violence which is wrongful. If you are caught putting necessary blame on the other person you will be jailed or even taken the child custody and handover to the other person.

Harsh statements on Social Media: social media is a wide concept and any comment whether big or small can get viral which can at the end give you no hope to win your case. One rant comment of your spouse on social media can spoil your image badly and this can be used an s a tool against you in court which will give you no benefits.

Why not a Divorce mediation?

Mediation is one of the best ways to have a clear settlement of the divorce process. In the mediation process the 2 parties hire a 3rd party that is the divorce mediation to decide and make decisions and guide both of them equally.

The question you ask in divorce mediation and the answer to it:

1. Is mediation process costly?

A mediation divorce is less expensive as compared to that of a contested one. Usually hiring a mediator is not that expensive because the money split between the separated couples and then it is always good to hire a person who is ready to listen from both the side. The money varies from place to place but usually it is affordable.

2. Is divorce necessary if you want a mediator?

Not really! Divorce is not a compulsion after you have hired mediation for the same. When you are suffering the divorce process it happens sometimes that because of the mediator your decision for divorce might go away with the convincing power of mediator and continuous communication with your spouse.

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