Digital products are the way lots of products are going. They’ve been around in the computer business at least since the first computers were produced. And they are available in retail markets since at least CDs became popular (before they were probably technically magnetic tape products).

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But because the internet, they’ve appeared everywhere.

Which means you may be thinking of making your personal digital product or perhaps a range of them.

I’d encourage that – it’s fast, fun and will be profitable!

Most likely the easiest digital product to create can be an audio one.

The program is free – Audacity can be acquired for Windows, Apples and Linux – and decent quality microphones are cheap enough. The Plantronics DPS400 one I take advantage of cancels out background noise and won’t break the bank.

Then all you need to do is decide what you are going to make your digital product about, write a script or an overview and start recording.
That probably sounds too easy. However in essence that’s all there is to making your personal digital product.

Of course, there are numerous steps inside each of those main parts. The most critical is deciding what you are going to include in your new product. Generally, you need to aim at teaching a very important factor well for every product you create.

There are a couple of reasons for that:

People generally prefer specific information instead of “jack of all trades” information
It usually commands a higher price
Think about what you pay for in the form of digital products. Whether it’s console and video gaming, you’ll choose the latest blockbusers, not the compendiums. The same applies to books – you’ll purchase a method to lose 7 pounds in seven days much more readily than you’ll buy one which teaches you how to eat a balanced diet without going over the top on calories. Even though they would probably give you the same end result.

The same goes for your digital product. Look for a need – or actually a “want” – and fill it. There’s a crucial difference between needs and wants.

Maybe a third of the population here in the united kingdom are overweight. But that doesn’t mean they’re all ideal candidates for a digital product teaching them ways to get healthier.

You should drill down to those that not only need the information you’re selling but have a large enough need to say “I’d like that now”.
It’s also a much easier sale. So before you may spend time making your digital product, ask yourself whether or not people will actually want what you’re creating.

Then go ahead and produce it, package it up with a good sales letter and a download page of some sort.

Then drive traffic to it using articles like this one, posts on your website, videos on YouTube. So when many other methods since you can come up with frequently.

Once you strat to get some traffic and sales, concentrate on the two or three methods that are working best. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves – you need to actually make your digital product first!

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