Most of the relationships go on to be fabulous and long lasting even after the partners concerned had sex the first time they meet. If you are one of those who have had sex right away and feel that because of this your relationship is finished, think again. Here are a few tips on how to make a man chase you after you’ve had sex.

Just like you are, he is also contemplating on the implications – Maybe your man is also apprehensive about the ramifications of having sex so quickly in Mcleodganj escorts the relationship. Give him about a week’s time to settle his emotions and try not to call him immediately. If your man is mature, he will be impressed with your patience.

Do not hold back your feelings for him – There is no point in being afraid of letting him know your feelings for him. This will reassure him to pursue you without any qualms.

Before pursuing him, look for acceptance or rejection signs – It is always better to be sure about what he feels for you after having had sex with you before you pursue him. This way, if you feel that he is not interested in you anymore, you can avoid being rejected or humiliated. If you feel he is missing you, then you can express your feelings with confidence and take your relationship forward.

Analyze his body language – Many a time, guys do not pursue the girl they have had sex with because they are ashamed and feel guilty. If you closely watch his response each time you come across him, his body language will tell you all about what he feels. If he is uncomfortable but still likes you, you can take steps to reassure him.

When he shows interest in you, do not play hard to get – If the guy you have had sex with shows an interest in you, do not play hard to get. Send him clear signals telling him that you are interested in him but he must put in some effort to achieve success. Your man must have enough motivation to pursue you.

Make sure you are not too freely available – If you have had sex spontaneously with a guy during your first date, then it is important to spend some time letting him know that you are not freely available. You must act in such a manner that you put up your price and make him pursue you for a while before relenting.

Never sleep with a guy whom you have just met – Do not ever give in to the temptation of sleeping with a guy you have just met. Let the relationship grow at its own pace and put off any attempts from him to get intimate till you are sure.

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