Mens Diamond Rings – How To Choose

So you are looking for a mens ring, either for yourself, or a loved one. This can often seem a daunting task, since choosing jewelry for a man is often a difficult endeavor for anyone to undertake. Many have a hard time finding a ring that looks manly. To make matters worse you may have your mind practically assaulted by the sheer variety and choices at hand. Every man wants a masculine diamond ring that cannot be mistaken for a women’s ring, as well as one that suits his style.

If a man works with his hands a lot, this can impact your choices. Diamond rings with many rough edges can get caught upon machinery or tools. It can often help if you can tungsten ring for men visualize what kind of man he is. Is he stylish? Or is he the laid back jeans and tee-shirt kind of guy or the classic suit and tie white-collar man? How active is your man, or you in case you are looking for a ring yourself? Making a list of traits can help out greatly later on in the process of selecting the right mens ring.

Now we need to think about your price range or budget if you will. Several factors affect the price of his ring. One of the leading factors to think about here is the metal to be used int he rings band. Lower carat gold will cost less, as will silver. If price is no barrier, one might consider platinum, which is now worth more than gold. Platinum makes for a fine band for a mens diamond ring. There are also titanium bands on the market today, which is a pretty manly metal. Another metal to consider would be tungsten, also a very manly looking metal for a mens ring. Then there is the matter of the diamond or diamonds themselves. Would a solitaire look good on him? A good solitaire can be expensive or not depending on clarity and cut. Many men opt for a pave diamond ring, as this is one of the most manly and popular mens diamond rings around. Pave diamond rings can often be cheaper in cost then say a solitaire ring with a decent diamond in it.

Next up is figuring out his ring size. If the ring is to be a surprise and you do not know his ring size by heart I have a few tips to help you. If he has a high school ring or other such ring that he wears, offer to have it cleaned, even if it does not need a cleaning, convince him that it does. Once you have the ring to be cleaned, you can take it to a jeweler to get it sized. Some mens rings will say the size right on the inside of the band, so this too may be an option. Another trick to get his ring off his hand to get it to measure it, would be to get him to do some chore where wearing a ring would not be practical at all. For more information on mens diamond rings be sure to take a peak at the bottom box.

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