The truth is busy people don’t have time to filter through comments, advertising, chat, non-news, and error to get the few headers that matter. The evening TV news is a poor option for many families because the content is too capricious for kids (and we’re too tired to stay up for the night time broadcast).

I had a vague awareness it would be harder to maintain with current events when i became a mother. My best ally (a stay-at-home-mom of three) often jokes Black Cube about how ignorant she feels about the state of the nation and world. She knows it’s important to be an informed person but is just too darned busy. I begun to empathize when my son became a toddler and begun to climb through, join, stick fingertips in, or ingest everything in sight.

I hope one of these tools helps you can what is this great you want with time left to pay attention to your real priorities. I am a spreadsheet geek so for anybody who want comparisons of specific sites I’ve started one on my website (see the reference block). I will continue to update it regularly as i find new sources. Any of these solutions should keep you informed almost as well as before your time and brain were monopolized because of your children, hobby, or job.

Independent News Sites

I admit, there’s no such thing as zero error. The best you can a cure for in a news site is one you can target or that already matches your interests. Look for front pages that have detailed headers rather than long articles, are easy to read, and display well on your mobile device(s). The goal is to find something you should check at a glance and get the major headers in about a minute. A good place to start is the Associated Press (AP) site as this not-for-profit is one of the most trusted sources of independent news worldwide.

REALLY SIMPLY SYNDICATION (Really Simple Syndication)

Many individuals use a specific REALLY SIMPLY SYNDICATION person, your desktop e-mail software or web browser may already have the function. It’s a convenient option because you can enroll in up to you like, filter and sort to your heart’s content, and read them all in one place. Be careful not to over-subscribe or you will inevitably have overlap. Many sites that charge for their regular newsletter or print dues offer this for free. I like those I can customize both by content and frequency, have short articles, few pictures, and are relatively fair.

Add it to your home Page

When you open your online web browser, the home page is what automatically opens. Typically it’s the search engines or your e-mail client but you can make it what you may choose. If you discover an impartial news site that fits your needs, try setting it as your home page. Another option is with one of the custom front pages popular webmail providers have. You can load this up with news (by topic), stock quotes, and more. I’ve found this to be the most convenient and effective ways to stay informed without getting inundated with information I don’t worry about.

There’s an Iphone app for that…

There are lots of smart phone and pill applications offering news nourishes. As with the prior suggestions, the ability to customize is key. One I enjoy right now is “Flipbook”. This application creates a personalized digital journal for you, the articles are short, and you see only the topics you decide on. The applying is straightforward, successfully pleasing, and perfect for quick scrolling through the top headers.

Follow Something… or Someone

This is a great option but might take a little more research on your part. Twitter is great because it’s succinct naturally. A drawback is it’s difficult to customize so you need to be selective in who (or what) you follow. I recommend beginning with an impartial news site or the nightly news program you liked when you had time to watch television.


I was sorely disappointed with what I found for print solutions. I love the idea of a monthly or every week newsletter with detailed, relevant headers I can read in under 5-minutes after i sort it out of my mail. Unfortunately, it seems I’ll have to be satisfied with e-mail until I create it myself. Most news sites have an choice to enroll in a newsletter with links to their stories. The upside is they come to you. The downside is nearly all come daily. I recommend you possess off unless you find a news site you trust with a every week or monthly option or you will eventually just unsubscribe.

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